Eleanor June Bell (1926-1999)

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Eleanor June Bell and Robert Ross Fisher on their Wedding Day July 9, 1949 H1 Eleanor June Bell, born July 10, 1926, died March 18, 1999; married July 9, 1949 Robert Ross Fisher, born June 14, 1924, died April 29, 2010 .

Source: William Steven Bell Family Bible - Addendum 1 Addendum 2

June has written of many memories, of living on the farm across the road form Bellvern, (the family farm), attending the two room school in Greenfield, and of the visits of the Arthur Bell family and others. There is the remembrance of her Grandfather Bell and the funnel horn that he put in his ear so that he could hear when spoken to. This is really quite amazing since she was just two years and two months old when he died. There is much humor of what she has written of both her childhood and youth as well as her life with Bob and their children.

Bob is a graduate of Duke University and Boston University School of Medicine, Interned at Youngstown North Side Hospital, completed a residency there, began a practice with his father, and later established his own office in Boardman, Ohio.

Three children:

Robert Ross Fisher Family Portrait, ca. 1960

Bell Family Portrait (ca. 1960)
Robert Ross Fisher David Charles Fisher (1952-  ) Elizabeth Lee Fisher (1957- ) Robert Wendell Fisher (1954- ) Eleanor June Bell (1926-1999)

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