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William Bell Family Bible: Births
Addendum 2
At the brides's home in New Wilmington, PA on June 7, 1939 Marguerite Hoagland and Herbert Bell were married by Dr. J. Ralph Neale At Unity Presbyterian Church Lois Rebecca Bell Married John M. Reno on June 26, 1952, by Rev. Edwin Sloan At the bride's home New Wilmington Alice Erma Bell and William Boyd Barrett were married June 20, 1939 by Rev. N. C. Ferver. At Calvary Presbyterian Church, Canton Ohio, Arthur Bevier Bell Married Carol Lee Taylor on June 20, 1950 by Rev. John N. Barker At Wallace Memorial Chapel, Westminister College, James Paul Osborne and Ann Jewel Jennings July 20, 1951, by Rev. Rowland White. Children of WW & Stella - June Bell and Dr. R.R. Fisher were married July 7, 1949 Trinity Methodist church Youngstown O. David Fisher born March 21, 1952, Robert Wendell Fisher born Dec. 6, 1954 Elizabeth Lee Fisher May 16, 1957. David born in St. Paul Minn. Lizzy & Bobby in Northside, Yo. O. Wendell Euegene Bell and Shirley Jacobs were married in New Castle June 1951 at the Methodist Church. Gregory Eugene Bell born Nov. 21, 1951 Sandra Lynn born July 9, 1953 both in Jamison Hospital. Nancy Arlene and James Norman Cornell were married Aug. 1, 1952 in Bethel UP church. James Norman was born in Waldon N.Y. April 4, 1954 Russell Allen Dec. 21, 1956 at Northside Yo. O. Hugh C. Belll and Barbara Louise Graham were married in Bethel Church Aug. 31, 1957. Douglas Graham Bell was born June 20, 1958, Jeffrey Wendell was born May 26, 1961 in Northside Hospital Elizabeth Ann Bell and R. Allen Arent were married Aug. 16, 1958 Bethel Church Mary Lee was born April 11, 1963. Scott Allen Jan. 29, 1965 both in Northside Yo. O.

The William Bell Family Tree is a collection of information gathered by Eric & Liz Davis, Mary Eleanor Bell, and Alice Erma Bell.
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