B9 Benjamin Junkin (1794-1880) C12 Matthew Oliver Junkin (1801-1882) C7 George Junkin (1790-1868) C6 Joseph Junkin III (1788-1859) C 14 David X. Junkin (1808-1880) C 11 William Finley Junkin (1799-1886)
Reunion of the Junkin Brothers | July 5, 1865
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Top row left to right: C12 Matthew Oliver Junkin, C6 Joseph Junkin III (not pictured, deseased), C14 David X. Junkin
Bottom row left to right: C9 Benjamin Junkin, C8 George Junkin, C11 William Findley Junkin
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A Brotherly Re-union: - .... Of the family, consisting of two parents and fourteen children, but five survive, July, 1865, to-wit: - Rev. Dr. George Junkin, Philadelphia,, Pa., Hon. Benjamin Junkin Lawrence county Pa., Captain William Findley Junkin, Hope Mills, Mercer county, Pa., Matthew 0. Junkin, Mayor of the city of Steubenville, Ohio, and Rev. Dr. David X Junkin, late Chaplain of the Naval School Annapolis, Md., at present Pastor of the North Presbyterian Church Chicago, Illinois.

These five survivors of the large family of Joseph and Elinor Junkin, had a reunion - a brotherly meeting, at the old homestead (Hope Mills, Mercer County, Pa.) on the 5th inst., July 1865. They had not all assembled together - under the old parental roof, during the lapse of 41 years: what changes had taken place in that one family! Tho' time has laid a heavy hand upon its members, still, but few families will present at the end of 41 years, so full a living record. This meeting was a very extraordinary one, and the portion of the family remaining, are composed of men of more than ordinary distinction. - As very appropriately expressed to us by one of the members of this brotherhood, the meeting was a "melancholy pleasure". Melancholy, that so few of so large a family were living, to attend a re-union after so long a period. A pleasure, that the few who were in health were permitted to take each other by the hand, in the old homestead. Had the parents of the family still survived, they would have had the satisfaction of looking at this time, upon the fifth generation could have counted an offspring of three hundreds and would, moreover have rejoiced to know, that following their worthy example, this great family are generally, professed Christians and consistent followers of Christ.

The re-union of the five brothers ' after a period of 41 years, was attended with many happy incidents yet the leaves of memory, as most of them are now in advanced age, seemed turned to mournful rustle, as they sat together under the roof of the old homestead.

         And spoke of many a vanished scene,
                  Of what they once had thought and said,
          Of what had been, and might have been,
                  And who were changed and who were dead.

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