John Holliday Junkin (1862-1941)

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E4 John Holliday Junkin, born 23 January 1862, Warren County, Illinois, died 23 July 1941, Des Moines, Iowa; bur Earlham, Iowa. Married 15 Dec 1898 by Rev. Edwin McGrew to Margarete Helen Kail (born 19 January 1868, Neoga, Ill; died 10 January 1939, Earlham, Iowa; buried Earlham).

"J.H." or "Hol" Junkin as he was usually called was the father of the author. After living on the Ritchie Ranch previously mentioned, he purchased a farm north of the Penn Center church in Madison county. Here he and his wife lived until 1914 when they moved to Earlham. For several years he was manager of the Farmers Cooperative Elevator, and later before the days of gas and oil heat, engaged in a profitable coal business. Always interested in religious and community affairs, like his parents he was active in the Presbyterian church and served on the building committee when the local church was built in 1915. He was also on the Earlham school board for ten years, during which time a new building was erected. At the time of his death, he had been mayor of Earlham for eight years, having previously served on the town council for twelve years.

Margarete Helen Kail came by covered wagon to Wayne County, Iowa, when she was six months old, later coming to Madison County in 1875. Her father, Henry L. Kail, was a Civil War veteran, having enlisted in County B 7th Illinois Cavalry in 1862. In three years he was in 40 battles and skirmishes including one seige that lasted 49 days. At Colliersville, Tenn., his horse was shot from under him. He held the rank of first sergeant.

Nancy Eleanor Brant, whom Henry Kail married Dec. 25, 1858, at Lancaster, Indiana, was descended from the Hatfield peerage of England. Lady Rachel Hatfield, daughter of Lord Edward Hatfield, had married a commoner, Benjamin Jackson. Their son, Thomas Jackson, was the father of Margaret Jackson who married Edward Brant. Nancy Eleanor was their daughter.

Margarete Kail Junkin attended the Winterset Normal School and became a teacher. For four years before her marriage she taught third and fourth grades in the Earlham schools. Like her husband she was active in the Presbyterian church, as were all the Kails. When the first choir was organized in 1890, she was organist. She also served in all offices of the women's organizations, and for years taught a Sunday School class of teen age girls.

Two children:

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