Sema J. Boyce (1878- )

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Sema J. Boyce (1878- )
Sema J. Boyce
(1878- )
F4 Sema J. Boyce, born February 27, 1878.

	Out of the night a sob was heard,
	        Of a life aware of a loss,
	In a world where Self was the thing that lured,
	         And all that glittered was dross.
	It groaned of despair and grieving,
	         Of a trusting love that died,
	Along with the joy of believing,
	          When all its world had lied.
	It moaned of an anguished acheing,
	          Of a brave heart wounded sore,
	When idols of clay, when breaking,
	           Are idols that rise no more.
	It sobbed with a silent sorrow,
	           For countless souls tramping on,
	With no rest in eternal tomorrow,
	           `Til returns the faith that is gone.


	Out of the dawn a song was born,
	           In the mists of a surging sea,
	And the wind that arose in that early morn,
	           Sang it on in eternity.
	It sang of white clouds drifting,
	           And of surf on a distant shore,
	Of the light  from the storm-clouds lifting,
	           And the darkness that comes before.
	It sang of the highways winding,
	           Far over hill and lea,
	And the swirl of rivers finding,
	           Their course to a waiting sea.
	It sang with  a breath abated,
                       Of a mother bird on her nest,
	Of the wonderful love of the mated,
	            And a babe at its mothers breast.


	Out from the sob a prayer was made,
	           And the songs far speeding call,
	Sang the truth of life, while the soul that had strayed,
	           Knew HIM for the God of  all.
				Attributed to Sema J. Boice

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