Dr. Fred Junkin Hinkhouse (1895-1956)

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Dr. Fred Junkin Hinkhouse (1895-1956)
Francis Dool (1895-1974)
F4 Fred Junkin Hinkhouse, born 20 February 1895 Lenox, Iowa, died 7 September 1956. Educated Parsons College, University of Chicago, Ph.D Columbia University. Dean of Parsons College, Fairfield, Iowa. Married December 30, 1924 in Chariton, Iowa Frances Dool, born 13 September 1895, died 7 August 1974. Frances earned a Masters Degree from Columbia, and was an assistant professor at Parsons College from 1939 to ca. 1962.

Children of Dr. Fred Junkin Hinkhouse and Frances Dool:

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