Eleanor Rebeccah Junkin (1866-1936)

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E6 Eleanor Rebeccah Junkin, born 11/06/1866. Died 06/02/1936. Married James Hugh Bell on 09/07/1893.

Eleanor Junkin attended Grove City College, taught for many years in country schools and was Secretary of the School Board in a day when women did not hold office. She was civic minded and instilled upon her children the importance of being useful human beings. She felt it very important to teach her own children public speaking. The Junkin reverence for their religious faith was evident in all that she did. Often, she would quote from the Bible to illustrate a point to any one of her seven children.

James Hugh Bell lived his entire life on the family homestead with the exception of two years which were spent at Grove City College. After the death of his father, the farm responsibilities became his at a very early age. He would place a funnel and tubing to his ear, as he was very hard of hearing. He also suffered from Tuberculosis.

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