Ollie Junkin (1878-1887)

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F2 Ollie Junkin, born 1878, died February 4, 1887 in Peru, Miami County, Indiana. She is buried at Greenlawn Cemetery Row 38 along with her sibling and grandparents Dispennet.

January 28,1887

Ollie Junkins, daughter of the widow of the late Robert Junkins is quite low with an affliction of the kidneys.

Peru Republican
February 4, 1887

Ollie Junkins, of whom we spoke last week as being quite sick, lingered on until Monday at 3'clock p.m., when she passed beyond, to that land where sufferings are all over. The funeral will take place on Wednesday. This is the fourth death in this sadly afflicted family in less than two years. Mrs. Junkins and her only remaining child, Sadie have the sympathy of the entire community in this trying ordeal through which they are called to pass.

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