Joseph Junkin IV (1815-1908)

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Joseph Junkin IV (1815-1908)
Mary Margaret Cotton
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Joseph Junkin IV
D4 Joseph Junkin IV, born February 10, 1815 in Mercer County Pennsylvania, died October 16, 1908 in Red Oak, Iowa. Married November 8, 1836 Mary Margaret Cotton.

Mary was born on June 14, 1818 in West Middleton, Washington County, Pennsylvania, and died on October 19, 1889 in Red Oak, Iowa. She was the daughter on Dr. Henry Cotton (1798-1823) and Mary McKenney Cotton (1784-1861). Joseph was a collector and constable. Nine children. Mary and Joseph Junkin are buried in Red Oak Junction, Montgomery County, Iowa.

The following is an original poem written by Sarah Ada Boice at Crete, Nebr Nov 8, 1886 commemorating the fiftieth wedding anniversary of Joseph Junkin IV and Mary M. Cotton.


In the fair autumnal season half a century ago
When the clouds in fleecy masses gave a hint of coming snow
When the squirrels in the hollow hid their plenteous stores of food
And the frost had painted gaily all the leaves within the wood


In the fair autumnal weather half a century gone by
Stood a maid and youth together, and with neither fear nor sigh
Plighted each unto each other and with promise true and grave
Started on lifes stormy pathway heartbeats throbbing strong and brave


Twas a long and stormy journey they had started out to take
Sometimes their steps would falter or their hearts seem like to break
When the sorrows of a lifetime comes to them as comes to all
When their firstborn, then their second slept beneath the funeral pall


Just as in all other lifetimes came the sunshine and the gloom
Weaving in and out the fabric that must fill the Masters loom
Sure the pattern will be brightest when he weaves us to his will
Where the threads that form the pattern never snarl but just lie still


Other little ones were given children loving bright and fair
Children born in faith and graceousness nourished with love and prayer
Till like the little maiden they could say "we here are seven
Five of us there are on earth and theres two of us in heaven


Still the years are passing swiftly and the children too are wed
And among the darkest tresses there is many a silver thread
Then the childrens children clamber o`er this youth and maidens knee
For they`re youth and maiden still-at heart with all loves constancy


In THIS fair autumnal season at the close of fifty years
Filled with all lifes varied measures, joys, woes, smiles and tears
Many friends are gathered with them to commemorate the day
When they hand and heart together started bravely on lifes way

Through the pleasantest of pathways or in sorrows way they trod
Trusting bravely in each other, trusting fully in their God
Trusting still and filled with joy and peace that thus far they have come
Together to the closing year that brings them nearer home
Till for the most of all lifes ills, twill be to them a balm
When in heaven they will celebrate the marriage supper of the psalm.

Children of Joseph Junkin IV and Mary Margaret Cotton:

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