Benjamin Junkin (1761-1812)

ANCESTRAL LINE: A1 Joseph Junkin I

B7 Benjamin Junkin, born ca. 1761, died 1812 Perry County, Pennsylvania; married 1799 Mary Davidson.

With his seven brothers and sisters, Benjamin grew up on (what was then) the frontier of the state. Most of his education was received from his parents, who were always eager that their children be well-acquainted with books. Benjamin was also a Revolutionary soldier serving in the 5th Battalion, Cumberland Co, militia, commanded by Capt. John Buchanan. As the oldest brother had already bought land (Wayne Twp, Mifflin Co at Junkin's Mills, along the Juniata River in 1766), Benjamin and his brother Joseph each inherited half of Joseph's farm including the site of the present town of New Kingston.

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Children of Benjamin Junkin and Mary Davidson:

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