Eric Timothy Davis (1950- )
Generation No. 13

Ancestral line: A1 Jerg Horein | B1 Jacob Horein | C8 George Horein | D1 Johannes Horein | E3 Hans Adam Hohrein | F1 Tobias Horine | G7 Tobias Horine II | H10 Jacob Horine | I1 George Tobias Horine | J3 Joseph Newton Horine | K3 Harrison Leonard Horine | L1 Rosella Lee Horine

Davis Family Portrait - Christmas 2004
M1 Eric Timothy Davis, born 6 April, 1950, Franklin County, Ohio. Attended Ohio State University, received a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education 1973. Also earned a Master of Library and Information Science Degree from Kent State University in 1997.

Married 13 December, 1980, to Elizabeth Lee Fisher, born 16 May, 1957. Attended Ohio State University, received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Family Relations and Human Development, 1980.

One child:

Upper left: Amy & Andy (Summer 2005)
Middle left: Amy & friends taking a study break (Summer 2005)
Lower left: Halloween Party (Fall 2004)
Above: Amy (New Years 2005)

The Horine Family History is a compilation of information gathered over the past 60+ years by Mr. Paul G. Horine, Darla (Horine) Jones, John David Barrett, Eric T. Davis, Karen Montgomery, and many other contributors.

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