James Paul Osborne (1928- )

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H1 James Paul Osborne, born 08/28/1928. Married Anne Jewel Jennings on 07/21/1951.

Source: William Steven Bell Family Bible - Addendum 1 Addendum 2

Jim graduated from Mercer, Pennsylvania Schools in 1946, and the New Castle Trade School in Drafting. Anne graduated from Westminster College with a B.A. Degree in 1950, and Westminster College M.A. Degree in Education. Jewell has taught in New Castle, New Wilmington, Georgia, Ohio, Indiana and Maryland.

Jim's hobby is-golf and he attends golf tournaments. Jewel engages in water aerobics and walks for exercise. She decorates T-shirts and tennis shoes with fabric paints. Also she is an avid reader.

Children of James Paul Osborne and Anne Jewel Jennings:
Source: William Steven Bell Family Bible - Addendum 2

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