James Frank Junkin (1868-1960)

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E6 James Frank Junkin, born 16 April 1868 Warren County Illinois, died 25 July 1960, Dexter, Iowa; buried Penn Center cemetery. Married 1st Etta Stewart (born 17 October 1867; died 27 March 1892) 25 Dec 1890.

One Child:

James Frank Junkin, Married 2nd wife 26 February 1896 Jennie May Fleming (born 11 June 1868, died 14 Aug l954, Winterset, Iowa).

Frank is reported to have been a frail child; something he decidedly outgrew as he became the largest and heartiest of the four Junkin brothers. On the trip from Dakota to Madison County, he rode a pony, a distance of some 400 miles. Etta Stewart Junkin, daughter of Robert and Katherine Stewart, died two years after their marriage, leaving an infant son. The baby was reared throughout childhood in the Stewart home.

Four years later Frank married Jennie Fleming, daughter of William and Deborah Kilbourn Fleming, Madison County pioneers. Wm. Fleming came from Ohio to Iowa City by train in 1857, hence by stage coach to Des Moines, Iowa. From that point he walked through an early Nov. snowstorm to Penn Twp., Madison County, where he purchased a half section of land. On this farm Jennie Fleming was born.

Frank and Jennie Junkin began their married life in the historic "Grout House" one mile north of Penn Center church. This house was reported to have been an underground station for runaway slaves during the Civil War. Later they moved to a farm adjoining land already purchased by J. H. Junkin. In 1912 they purchased a home in Earlham. Although they had no children of their own, they reared Jennie Junkin's niece, Talitha Butler, in their home.

Frank Junkin served as an elder in the Presbyterian church for many years, and "Aunt Jennie" as she was affectionately called by her small charges, taught a primary Sunday School class.

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