William McCleery Junkin (1841-1863)

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D4 William McCleery Junkin, born 04/08/1841 Stewartsville, N.J., died 09/29/1863; served as Ass't. Paymaster aboard the Union ship "Potomac"; died of Yellow Fever and was buried at sea off the coast of Pensacola, Fla. Did not marry.

Mrs. Billie Junkin Chapman of Salem, Va. had the unusual experience of coming into possession of the bible that William had presented to him as he entered service. As her husband lay dying at the Veteran's Hospital in Salem, Va., talk turned to her maiden name. It seems that her husband's roommate's family had been in possession of this bible since Dr. D. X. [Junkin]. had presented it to William McCleery's best friend aboard ship at the time of William's death. Thus, from 1863 until 1971, this bible was out of the family's possession.

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