Capt. John Junkin (1786-1814)

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Tombstone of Captain John Junkin (1786-1814)
Old Mercer Cemetery
Mercer, Pennsylvania
C5 Captain John Junkin, the oldest of Joseph II's sons who grew to manhood, was born 12 September, 1786, and died 27 April, 1814 of a virulent fever contracted during his military service in the War of 1812. He was always a colorful figure to Mercer County residents, who regarded him with the highest esteem. In April of 1804 he had married his first cousin Martha Findley, born 21 October 1762, died 11 February, 1813, the daughter of Mary Cochran and William Findley of Westmoreland County, Pa.

He became a captain in the army and during the War of 1812 commanded a most unusual company of 84 men known as the "Mercer Blues". This company, hand-picked by Captain John himself, furnished their own uniforms and weapons. They also carried their own Bibles, and daily worship was held. The Captain himself was a man of great piety and prayer as well as of superior talents and administrative ability, and was a great favorite with his men. He was the only one of Joseph II's seven sons who was not a minister or elder in the church, yet he was an extremely devout person. The public also regarded him as a potential candidate for future usefulness and eminence. During his absence in the army the people of his district nominated him for the state legislature, but Capt. John declined because of his military duties.

Child of John Junkin and Martha Findley:

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