Eleanor Gertrude Osborne (1932- )

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H2 Eleanor Gertrude Osborne, born 12/13/1932. Married Albert W. Corcoran on August 5, 1968. Albert died on January 29, 2002.

Source: William Steven Bell Family Bible - Addendum 2

Eleanor graduated from Mercer, Pennsylvania Schools in 1951; attended Slippery Rock University in Physical Education from 1951-53; earned a B.S. Degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 1956; received a Certification in Physical Therapy from the D.T. Watson School of Physical Therapy 1954-55; attended the Rusk Institute, New York City for Rehab Training 1959, and New York University, NY City for Amputee Training 1961.

Eleanor reports that every Christmas she is reminded by someone in the family of their first Christmas tree disaster. They had "his and hers" tree holders, and as Eleanor felt hers was the best it was used. The tree was up and Sheila with Bill's help had it decorated. Later Eleanor decided it was not centered in front of the corner mirror as was intended. Al, being very obliging, picked it up instead of sliding it. The holder released and Al was left holding the tree! It was then he insisted his holder be used and asked Eleanor to get it. Upon finding the tree would not sit on the spike in it, he gave the tree an aggressive thrust onto the holder. With this most of the ornaments flew off breaking many of them. In her red haired frustration Eleanor blurted out, " We are never going to have another Christmas tree." Patiently Al began to redecorate while referring to that "dumb tree holder." The tree looked fine but some of the ornaments could not be used. Soon Sheila and Bill returned from playing outside, and observing the ornaments not as they had hung them said, "You didn't like the way we decorated the tree." With that they ran to their rooms crying as if their hearts were broken. After all was explained everyone calmed down and began to see the funny side. Except for a few years there have been not one but two trees, and not with "his and her" holders, but with two new stable easy-to-work-with ones! There have been other stories but somehow at least once a yes this one gets top billing.

Al's medical education was at University of Pittsburgh, Interned at St. Francis Medical Center with residency program in Obstetrics and Gynecology. After an 18 months service in Japan with the United States Army he became a staff physician at St. Francis, 1951-1994 (now partially retired). He has delivered more than 14,000 babies as well as performing surgeries as a gynecologist, being perhaps the first at St. Francis to become proficient in lazar surgery.

The couple lists their hobbies as skiing, golfing, travel, reading, needle work, and Bridge, Al's hobbies are several of the above but his best loved hobby is growing roses of which he has more than 90, and some he has started from cuttings. In 1993 while Al recovered from open heart surgery followed by lung surgery, Eleanor cared for the roses.

Children, by marriage (Eleanor as a step mother claims them all as her own):

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