John Henry Horine (1803-1885)
Researched by John D. Barrett
Generation No. 8

Ancestral line: A1 Jerg Horein | B1 Jacob Horein | C8 George Horein | D1 Johannes Horein | E3 Hans Adam Hohrein | F1 Tobias Horine | G7 Tobias Horine II

H9 John Henry Horine, born December 4, 1803, died July 24, 1885; married Mary Catherine Routzahn on March 29, 1825 in Mt. Tabor Church, daughter of Johan Routzahn and Elisabeth Bowlus. Nine children.

"Western Maryland Genealogy" lists John Henry Horine as being born near Myersville, Frederick County, Maryland on December 4, 1803. He was the son of Johan Tobias Horine (II) and Catherine Summers. He married at Mount Tabor Church March 29, 1825, Catherine Routzahn, daughter of George and Elizabeth (Bowlus) Routzahn.

George Routzahn, born July 6, 1774, and was the son of Johann Adam, who was born 10 Oct, 1740 in Germany. His father, Johann Ludwig Routzahn, who was born 13 July, 1711, also in Germany, was the son of Johannes Rauenzahner, Jr. George died July 12, 1867. Catherine Routzahn was baptized at Zion Lutheran January 20, 1807. John and Catherine lived on her father's land near Mt. Tabor. John sold to his father-in-law, George Routzahn, all his goods, stock, household and farm equipment on October 20, 1834; witness was Jacob Hoffman.

On march 17, 1834, John sold his interest in his fathers estate to George Routzahn for $525.00. When Routzahn died, his will left to his daughter, Catherine, "married to a certain John Horine," 122 acres of land as an advancement equal to $3000.00. This land, part of "Quaker's Mistake" and "Adams Expense", was on MT. Tabor Road. George L. Routzahn, executor of his father's estate, paid his sister $1510.00 on April 5, 1869 as her share in the sale of the land.

John was a farmer and appeared in the 1850 census in the Middletown election District, no value was given for real estate, confirming the fact he was living on Routzahn land. He died intestate. After his death, Catherine sold parts of "Adams Expense" to her sons, Joshua and George. Catherine died at the residence of her son Joshua of Myersville, at age 86. She is buried with her husband at the Lutheran Cemetery in Middletown.

Her obituary in "The Valley Register" listed the following children; Rev. Mahlon C. Horine of Reading, Pa; Lawson H. Horine of Hagerstown, Ind. (?); George W., Joshua D., and Martin Horine of Myersville; Adam Horine, Henry Horine and Mrs. Mary Brandenburg of Gadsden, Tennessee; Mrs. Daniel Shaver (Shafer) of near Brunswick, Md.; and two sisters; Mary Sheffer and Mrs. Daniel Castle of Frederick, and one brother, George Routzahn.

After her death, a case was brought before The Equity Court; Mahlon and Emma Horine, Sarah A. Shafer, Daniel Horine, Joshua D., and wife Alice R. vs. Mary C. Brandenburg and David, Martin Horine and wife Ellen, and John H. Horine. This was done to insure the prompt sale of the real estate, especially when heirs lived out of state, and does not represent any disagreement among them. The sale was ordered by the court on October 24, 1893.

"Rauenzahner to Routson" relates the following:
Catherine and her husband lived on a portion of her father's land 3.5 miles NW of Middletown and 2 miles from Myersville. On October 20, 1834, John Horine conveyed their household goods and farm implements to his father-in-law, and on May 17, 1843 he sold him for $525.00 his interest in his own father's estate. In 1848 and again in 1856 Catherine's father in writing his will specifically kept his bequests to her out of the hands of her husband who was "not to participate in any income". In 1869, after her father's death, Catherine received $1510.00 as her share in the portion of her father's land not already conveyed to her. She transferred title to her portion of "Adam's Expense" in 1885 to her sons Joshua and George." The following letter was found in the old "Horine Bible" written by Mahlon Carlton Horine to his brother Lawson Lewis Horine:

"Bolivar, July 28, 1885

Dear Brother Laws:

You have already been notified by telegram that father is dead and was to be buried on Tuesday the 27th. So yesterday was the funeral.

It rained all forenoon, and many of the friends were prevented from attending the funeral by the rain. He was buried between 12 and 1 o'clock on a beautiful lot in the old Lutheran burying ground in Middletown. He has a black walnut coffin. His grave was made with an off-set, or vault, and covered with stone instead of boards. He was buried nicely, and lies within ten feet of Aunt Eliza Rougahus' grave.

Father was quite sick for 6 months owning which time he suffered much and was a great care for mother and the rest of the folks at home. But they waited on him well. *Mart, his wife and children, they were true friends to Pap in his time of greated need.

Father walked the floor most of the time, day and night: He was short of health, and could neither sit or lie very long at a time. He had a long and wearisome walk to the grave, where the wicked cease from troubling and the weary are at rest.

The last three days he was too weak to be up. When he no longer could sit up, he soon failed. He died on Friday night between 11 and 12 o'clock the 24th of July at the age of 81 years, 7 months, and 20 days. Rev. Mann preached a good funeral sermon from 1 Thes. 5:10.87 10 23.

I am happy to say that Father made a great change before he died, and we hope our prayers were answered, and the Spirit of the Lord received him. He was also very much changed in his appearance. If I had seen his corpse away from home and not known of his death, I never would have thought it was he. I feel sorry, indeed, that the last view I had of him has left an image on my mind so different from what he really was. He did not look like himself at all.

Mother is as well as can be expected. She feels worn out, and livesome, but she goes around as usual. When you write again, tell us how many children and grandchildren you have. Send your letter to me at Reading, and I will send it home to mother after I read it, so one letter will do for us all.

I got home on Sunday morning, will stay till Saturday, when I will go to Hagerstown. I expect to get back to Reading in about two weeks. I am sorry you could not come home. We all would have been glad to see you.

Hoping that you and yours are well, I remain,
Yours faithfully,
M. C. Horine

*This was probably I9 Martin Horine and his family, including Alvey J Horine.

Considering the rebuffs from his wife's father, and his exclusion from any of her inheritance; And considering his son's comments about the changes he had made in his life, John Henry Horine was apparently a man of some difficult characteristics.

Children of John Henry Horine and Mary Routzan:

    I1 George Washinton Horine, born June 15, 1826, died 1909 in Boonsboro, Maryland; married Adaline Harbaugh on May 12, 1852.

    I2 Sarah Ann Horine, born November 28, 1828, died March 22, 1910, buried at Middletown Reformed Church; married Daniel W. Shafer on March 15, 1852.

    I3 Lawson Lewis Horine, born February 3, 1830 in Middletown Valley, Feederick County, Maryland., died January 10, 1914 in Hagerstown, Indiana; married Elizabeth Ann Dutrow.

    I4 John H. Horine, Jr., born ca. 1833, died March 1895 in Milan, TN.; married Jenny Harp.

    I5 Adam T. Horine, born ca. 1836, died July, 1885; married Deborah Frances Smeltzer on August 18, 1858 in Central Hotel, Middletown, Maryland.

    I6 Mahlon C. Horine, born July 14, 1838, died 1917; married Frances Winebrenner in 1861.

    I7 Mary Catherine (Kate) Horine, born ca. 1843 in Middletown Valley, Maryland.; married David Brandenburg, born 1840 in maryland.

    I8 Joshua D. Horine, born Febryary 8, 1845, died October 30, 1934; married (1) Alice R. Schildknect (born November 27, 1852, died October 4, 1908), (2) Alta Maude Kline Shank.

    I9 Martin M. Horine, born January 12, 1850, died December 2, 1927; married Mary Ellen A. R. Shank in 1867.

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