Thomas Friederich Fisher (1728-1793)
The Fisher Family Immigrant
Thomas Friederich Fisher (1728-1793)
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An east prospect of the city of Philadelphia; taken by George Heap from the Jersey shore,
under the direction of Nicholas Scull surveyor general of the Province of Pennsylvania, 1754

Land Route most likely taken by Thomas Friederich Fisher, 1751
The Fry-Jefferson map of the royal colony of Virginia (1752)
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Thomas Fisher Land Warrant
June 8, 1752
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Map of the Monocacy and Catoctin Area Circa 1800
Monocacy and Catoctin Area Circa 1800
SOURCE: Monocacy and Catoctin
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St. John's Lutheran Church, Littlettown, Pennsylvania
St. John's Lutheran Church, Littlettown, Pennsylvania
St. John's Lutheran Church
Littlestown, Pennsylvania
1749 Evans Map - Lancaster Pennsylvania Area
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1756 T. Kitchin Map
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1757 Map - Northern Maryland & Southeast Pennsylvania
1757 Map - Northern Maryland & Southeast Pennsylvania
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1770 W. Scull Map - York & Lancaster Counties
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Lancaster & York Counties, Pennsylvania - 1791 Map
1791 Reading Howell Map - York & Lancaster Counties, Pennsylvania
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Mount Joy & Germany Townships, Adams County, Pennsylvania - 1858 Map
1858 Map - Mount Joy & Germany Townships
Adams County, Pennsylvania

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Thomas Friederich Fisher, born August 11, 1728 in Stuttgart, Wurttenburg, Germany, died 1793 in York County, Pennsylvania (view in Germany). Thomas Friederich Fisher's parents were Georg Albrecht Fisher, born 1693 Stuttgart, Württemberg, Germany, died May 20, 1736; and Maria Christiana Faber, born January 1685 (baptized January 17, 1685), married September 22, 1711 in Berg (Stuttgart), Wurttenburg, Germany. Maria Christiana Faber's parents were Isaac Faber and Maria Christina Stroel, married November 27, 1666 in Wurttenberg, Germany.

The book Pennsylvania German Pioneers states that Thomas Friederich Fisher and [his brother] Jacob Fisher arrived together [in the colonies] in September 1751 at Philadelphia from Rotterdam via Portsmouth, England on the ship Phoenix. Thomas, who signed in English script, must have been at least 16 years old, while Jacob, who apparently was older, signed in German script. The names of children and women on this boat are not given. but one may have been Jacob, Jr.

It is believed that Thomas and Jacob Fisher departed Philadelphia for Lancaster County very soon (if not immediately) after their arrival in America. On his May 5, 1752 Land Warrant, Jacob states that he is from Lanaster County. Thomas Fisher states that he is from York County in his June 8, 1752 Land Warrant.

Land Warrants

Eight years later, Thomas Fisher of Earl Township of Lancaster County acquired 200 acres in Germany Township, southwest of later Littlestown, Pennsylvania, by deed of 1760, for which he payed 100 pounds. This tract, bought from Jacob Schreyer, had been granted in August 27, 1753 by the Penn Properties subject to later payment. The land adjoined that of Mattias Marker and of the well-known leading pioneer, Michael Tanner. Witnesses of the deed were Peter Kleyn and Ludwig Little (Klien).

Thomas also acquired land in Mount Joy Township further west in 1767 to 1788. George Fisher had a smaller acreage there in 1783.

Tax Records

Jacob and Thomas appear in early tax records of Germany Township in the late 1760's. To view Thomas's tax documents, click the following links:

In the tax list of Germany Township in 1783 Thomas Fisher was called esquire and paid taxes on 260 acres, three horses, three cows, seven sheep and two houses, all evaluated at 470 pounds. There were six in his family.

In 1768-1770 and 1779-1781 he served as tax assessor, and in 1783 he was Justice of the Peace.

St. John's Lutheran Church

Thomas Fisher was one of five founding trustees of St. John's Lutheran Church, southwest of Littlestown in 1763 (with deed of 1771 from Jacob and Anna Stehley). Prior to this the family worshiped at Conewago Union Church. Formed in 1738, Conewago Church in the Conewago Settlement was the first Brethren church in York County. The Conewago settlement dates from the 1730's and was one of first settlements in the region. It was located on the Monocacy Road and passed through what is now Hanover.

--Monocacy and Catoctin C. E. Schildknecht, Editor
Chapter 14: Descendants of Thomas Fisher and Related Families


Thomas Fisher married (1) Eva King (eight children), born January 17, 1728, died before 1786. Eva was the daughter of Abraham and Anna Maria Koenig. She was born in Hoffen, Zweibrücken, Alsoce-Lorraine, France and died in York County, Pennsylvania, having immigrated to this country with her parents in 1751 aboard the ship "Janet", which arrived in Philadelphia on October 7, 1751. Thomas and Eve ran a tavern Littlestown, Pennsylvania.

Thomas married (2) Catherine Linebacher Graeff Miller, born 1750, died August 30, 1821. (one child). Thomas and Catherine ran a tavern in York, Pennsylvania.

Will of Thomas Fisher Sr.

March 19, 1790
Codicle to original Will dated 8/2/1791
Borough of York, York County, Pennsylvania

In the name of God Amen. I Thomas Fisher, Esq. of the town of York in the County of York in the State of Pennsylvania being in perfect health of sound ____ and memory thanks to God for his mercies calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men to die. Do the nineteenth Day of March in the year of our Lord one Thousand, Seven hundred and Ninety, make and establish this my Last Will and Testament in manner and for the following (that is to say) principally and above all I commit my Imortal soul unto the hands of God who gave it me and my body to the Earth to be buried after my Decease in a Christian decent manner at the discreation of my Executor. __ and as touching and concerning such worldly goods and E____ _s God in his Providence has ____ me with.

I give devise and Bequeath in way and manner following. Imprimis and first of all I order, will and Allow all my just Debts to be well and truly paid and discharged, I give grant and Bequeath to my beloved wife Catherine Fisher all and singular my Household goods and effects which I shall be possessed of at my decease also the house and lot of ground wherein I now dwell and also the land she claimed and possessed at the time of our marriage to her use and Behoof forever to be disposed of and be bequeathed to whomever she pleases upon condition she _____ as ____charges the legacies herein after mentionedied Thirdly, I give and Bequeath to my son George Fisher, and to my Daughters Elizabeth Shryer and Eve Shryer, and to each and every of them the sum of five shillings they and every of them having received in full their Shares of me heretofore. Fourthly I give and bequeath to my daughter Catherine Owler the sum of three Hundred Pounds and the my Daughter Mary Sell the sum of One Hundred and Seventy five Pounds to be paid them __ in Notes and Bonds which shall be in my Possession and __indue me at my Decease if so many there are, but if there should be not so much in Notes and Bonds then the remainder to be paid bt my Wife out of the property left her in the Sums of twenty five pounds Yearly. Fifthly I give warrant and Bequeath to my son Thomas Fisher the building he now occupieth, and one hundred and Thirty acres of Land to be laid off contiguous, and Advantages to the Improvements aforesaid as the land will admit due re___ being had to timber Land and Meadow to be holden of him his heirs and Assigns forever, also I give and bequeath to the said Thomas all the other goods and Effects ____ I have already given him. Sixthly I give grant and Bequeath to my sons James Fisher the Buildings he now occupieth and One Hundred and twenty Acres of Land to be laid off as aforsesaid withrespect had to the advantages aforesaid ____. to be holden of him and his heirs and Assigns forever also I give and Bequeath to the said James all the other Effects I have already given himarried ___ Seventhly, I give grant and Bequeath to my son Henry Fisher all and singular the rest and residue of my Lands in Germany Township, (or the value thereof), provided he does not marry a certain Catherine Little, but provided he will marry the said Catherine I order the sum _____said to be devided between sons Thomas and James upon their paying my Widow the sum of Thirty five shil___ per Acre in yearly payments to ______ her in paying off the ___cies aforesaid, but and if they will not accept of it at the price aforesaid then to be sold and conveyed by my Executors and the money to be appropriated for the use aforesaid and the Deed of Sale ____ by my Executors to be a sufficent barr against any Claim hereunto by my son Henry or any person under him either ____ or Equeity, and farther I order will and allow that if my son Henry should be intitled to the Land aforesaid and _____ that my sons Thomas and James shall have the first offer. Eigthly, I give and Bequeath to my grand daughter Mary ___nher the sum if Twenty five Pounds to be paid her as soon as of age by my Widow out of the Property aforesaid left her. Also order, Will and allow that if my sons aforesaid to whom ____ land aforesaid is devised cannot agree in dividing the farm ____ I three ___ different persons of the neighborhood shall be chosen with the concent of my Executors who shall devide the farm ____ devision shall be final and conclusive to all parties.

Ninethly, I give and Bequeath to all any every of my grandchildren which is called for me the sum of Five Pounds each to be paid them as they arrive of age. Tenthly I give and Bequeath to my grand daughter Catherine Shryer the Sum of ten Pounds as soon as shall be convenent after my Decease. And Lastly I consitute Ordain and Appoint my loving Wife Catherine Fisher my son Thomas Fisher and Robert McIlhinny jointly to execute this Last Will and Testament according to the time ____ and meaning hereof ratifying can confirming this ____ other as my Last Will and Testament.

In witness whereof ____ hereunto set my hand and Seal the Day and Year first above ______ .

Thomas Fisher seal

Signed Sealed pronounced and declared by Thomas Fisher, Esq. and fo _______________

Codicil August 2, 1791
Whereas, I Thomas Fisher, Esq. late of Germany Township ___ now of the Borough of York in the County of York and State of Pennsylvania, made and Published my Last Will and Testament __ writing bearing date the Nineteenth Day of March in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety, which ___ Last Will and Testament and ever clause bequests and Devise ____rein contained I do hereby Ratify and and Confirm (save and except __ch Clauses and bequests therin mentioned as by me are are ho___ after revoked and made void) and being desirous to alter and __ making some Additions thereto, do therefore hereby make this __ codicil which I will and direct to be taken and held as a part of my Last Will and Testament. Whereas in my said ____ Will and Testament I did give and Bequeath to my beloved Wife Catherine ___ Fisher all and singular my Household goods and effect also the house and Lot of Ground wherein I now dwell, now I do hereby re___ and make void the said bequest of my Goods, Effects and House __ lot bequeathed as aforesaid to my wife and I will and __ler that she shall only have possession and free use and benefits __ the same until my son John Fisher attains to lawful age if she ___ long continue a Widow and if after said son John attains to lawful age and my said wife remains yet my Widow, I order then ___d it is my Will that she have and hold peaceful possession and Enjoyment of one third part of my said house and Lots and ____ of Ground and Buildings thereon erected, and one Third ___ all my Household Goods and Effects whatsoever for and during ___ Natural life if she so long Continue a Widow and if my said son dies without issue before he is of Age then my Wife shall keep and possess all my afs Estate Real and personal during her widowhood or till her intermarriage. Item, I give and Devise unto my son John Fisher and to his Heirs and Assigns forever, all that _____________________________ with the residue of my _____ Estate h__ not Bequeathed to Catherine my said Wife. To hot___ him my said son John when he arrives to lawful age, ___ner herein afore directed in care my Wife shall continue my Widow during her Natural life I also give and Bequeath my said Son John my large Family Bible, and my Silver Watch and I will that he be well educated and brought up ____ fear of God and to be obedient to his Mother as long ___ she liveth. Item, I hereby relinquish all my Right ___ to my Wife of the Land and Plantation possessed __ before our Intermarriage upon Condition that she pay ___ discharge, the Bequests adn Legacies mentioned in my __Will and if the case in case my Wife Catherine shall again marry __ then and in such case I will and direct that she shall ___ no more of my real Estate nor further Benefit than the Interest yearly of one third part of the valuation of __ Real Estate. In the Borough of York afs. and one there__ of my Personal Estate in full for her Dower Right and Clar___ of and in my Estate as well Real and Personal. Item in case son John shall die before he comes of age without lawful __ I then will direct that all the Real and Personal Estate to ___ above devised bequeathded shall be converted into money and equally divided to and amongst all my children born of the body of my former Wife and all the children born of the Body of my present Wife Catherine by her former two ____ lands in Portion and Share alike. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal the Second Day of August in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred and Ninety One.

Thos Fisher Seal

Signed, Sealed, Published and declared by said Thomas Fisher as and for a codicil to his Last Will and Testament in presence of __ the word _ out being ___ inter_inedied George Gottwald. Jno Morris Jr.

Children of Thomas Fisher and (1st wife) Eve King (Koenig) (marriages according to Monocacy and Catoctin):
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Child with 2nd Wife Catherine Linebacher Graeff Miller; Catherine's 1st husband - Gerhart Graeff; 2nd husband - Casper Miller, died 1784. Thomas and Catherine ran a tavern in York, PA.

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