Jacob Miller (1796-1861)

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Gravestone of Jacob Miller, 1795-1861 Gravestone of Mary Miller, 1799-1842
Miller Graveyard
Adams Township, Darke County, Ohio

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Jacob Miller's Conestoga Wagon
Wagon Jacob Miller used to move from Montgomery County
to Darke County, Ohio, ca. 1816
Jacob Miller's Conestoga Wagon - November, 1973
Jacob Miller's Conestoga Wagon - November, 1973
Jacob Miller's Conestoga Wagon - March, 1974
Jacob's Wagon on display at the National Road/ Zane Grey Museum
Taken November 1973 (top 2 images), March 1974 (bottom image)
Photographs by Ralph E. Ramey
E5 Jacob Miller, born March 17, 1796 in Pennsylvania/Kentucky, died 8 October, 1861 in Darke County, Ohio; buried in the Miller Graveyard on Horatio Harris Creek Rd., Adams Township, Darke County, Ohio (see map below). Married (1) September 29, 1816 Mary (Polly) Michael (view marriage), in Montgomery County, Ohio. Mary was born April 18, 1799 (probably) in Pennsylvania, died March 27, 1842 in Darke County, Ohio. Ten children.

Mary's parents were Jacob Michael, Sr., born November 29, 1772, died September 11, 1861, and Mary Myers/Myer born February 8, 1775, died, September 28, 1849 in Montgomery County, Ohio. Mary Myers/Myer is buried in Clayton Cemetery, Montgomery County, Ohio.

Jacob Miller married (2) January 5, 1843 Montgomery County, Ohio, Mary Rohrer Waggoner , born ca. 1813 Montgomery County, Ohio , died August 19, 1888 Darke County, Ohio (will transcription), daughter of Jacob Rohrer Sr., born August 20, 1781, died January 16, 1848, and his first wife Susannah Butterbaugh, born June 10, 1781, died January 1, 1814 and widow of James Waggoner.

Jacob Miller moved from Montgomery County, Ohio, to Darke County, Ohio (in the wagon pictured below) before 1819, and located on Harris Creek, Adams Township, Darke County, Ohio. Click to view the location of Jacob Miller's homestead from the 1875 Darke County Atlas, published by Lake, Griffing & Stevenson of Philadelphia.

Jacob Miller served in the War of 1812, in Captain William Van Cleve's Company of Riflemen from Montgomery County, from 21 May, 1812 to 24 July, 1812 (view Roster of Capt. William Van Cleve's Company). He was stationed on the "Ohio Frontier" for 1812 - Greenville, Ohio.

From Blacksmith To General
General Edmund Munger and the War of 1812 in Ohio

Howard T. Houser
Centerville Historical Society
pg. 36

On the 26th of May, Governor Meigs ordered Captain William Van Cleve's company of riflemen, then in camp at Adam's Prairie near Hole's Creek, to march to the frontier west of the Great Miami River under the command of Colonel Jerome Holt. They were to assist in erecting blockhouses in suitable places. Colonel Sloan's troop from Cincinnati arrived at Camp Meigs on the 27th.

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Miller Family

Mary Miller Biglers parents Jacob and Mary Michael Miller lived on the north side of the Harris Creek Road, east of Oakland Church. They were among the earliest settlers of Adams twp - the Census of 1820 reportiung Jacob Miller, with a family of five, then living in that township.

Uncle Jake Bigler showed my father and me, in May 1943, the original Miller farm (owned by J. Katherman, according to the map of 1875) and the present stone house that replaced the earlier log house there. The original Miller home was a rude log cabin, open on one side, with a large bear skin serving as the door in the open side. Wolves roamed the woods then. Uncle Jake said that "Old Granny Miller" (Jacob Miller's second wife) remembered when the wolves left this country. "They howled all night and then went away. They never came back", he said. "Where did they go, Uncle Jake?", I asked. "Nobody knows", replied Uncle Jake with awe in his voice. Mary Miller Bigler (My mother's grandmother) told my mother that when she was a samll girl returning about nightfall from visiting neighbors, she lost a string of beads that she prized highly. She was afraid to retrace her steps to search for the beads, as wolves would attack people after dark.

Jacob Miller is said to have been a popular man who accumulated considerable property and who was liberal in his contributions to all worthy enterprises. Nicodemus Bigler wrote of him (Sept. 4, 1877): "i made the Blinds in the old mill [at Webster] for Henry Miller's dady when old Jacob owned the mill he wanted me to help to tend the mill". In another letter (July 22, 1892) he mentioned "old Jacob Miller Henry's father I always liked old Jacob Miller Henry's father I always like old Jacob and worked a great deal for him". Jacob was born near Louisville Kentucky, Feb. 17, 1796. His parents were David and Abigail (Morgan) Miller who left Kentucky, on account of their opposition to slavery, when Jacob was about 10 years old. David, a member of the Brethren Church, settled in Montgomery Co., where he died in 1845.

Jacob's Move to Darke County

Will of Mary [Rohrer Waggoner] Miller of Darke County, Ohio

In the name of the Benevolent Father of all.... I, Mary Miller of the County of Darke and State of Ohio, do make and publish this my last will and testament.

Item 1st It is my will that my just debts and all charges be paid out of my estate.

Item 2nd It is my will, that two hundred dollars be placed in the hands of the Trustees of the Oakland Branch of the Jermyn (sic) Baptist Church. The interest of which is to be applied to keep the graveyard in repair that is situated in the South West Quarter of section seven (7) Township Nine (9) and Range four (4) East, and deeded by Jeremiah Katherman to the Miller heirs. It is my wish that Cyrus Bigler have charge of said money as long as he shall live and will take charge of said graveyard and at the death of Cyrus Bigler or his failing to keep said grandyard in good repair said trustees of the above named church shall appoint some other person to do the same.

Item 3rd I give and devise One hundred & fifty dollars, to Jacob Cable, husband of Elisabeth Vanshite.

Item 4th I give and devise fifty dollars to Peter Miller, that lived with me about the year 1861.

Item 5th I give and devise fifty dollars to Samuel Rohrer.

Item 6th I give and devise all the residue of my estate to the Oakland Branch of the Jermyn Baptist Church, the interest of which is to be used annually, towards the support of the Poor of said Church, as long as said branch shall keep up its organisation (sic) and when it fails to do so, it shall revert to the Jermyn Baptist Church at large, to be used by said Church as they may see fit.

Item 7th I appoint and make Cyrus Bigler Executor of this my will and testament In testimony hereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this twenty - second day of December, in the year 1861.

Mary Miller

Signed and acknowledged by
said Mary Miller, as her
last will and testament, in
our presence; and signed by
us in her presence
Joseph J. Ryan
Jeremiah Katherman

Widow of Jacob Miller of Adams Township, Darke County, Ohio
Application for Probate shows she died 19 Aug 1888 and had a brother John Rohrer living in Indiana.

Children of Jacob Miller and Mary (Polly) Michael:
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