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The surname of this family is spelled Mueller on German church records. It is spelled Muller on ship record and the spelling used by Michael Muller, Jr., to sign his name, 2 October, 1727. It was recorded as Miller, on land deeds, wills and tax records after arrival in the Pennsylvania Colony and has remained the same to the present day.

During the first half of the seventeenth century, Switzerland was untouched by the horrors of the Thirty Years' War, (1618-1648, a Catholic-Protestant conflict, fought principally on German soil) and enjoyed peace and prosperity. It had a good market for its excess products. During the second half of the same century a social reaction set in, which was made acute by political and religious confusion. In 1653, the peasants of the Cantons of Bern, Lucerne, Solothurn and Basel, revolted against the authorities, chiefly for social reasons. Since there were good opportunities for new settlers in depopulated Germany, many people left the Canton of Bern during this period and journeyed northward into foreign parts. This emigration into the "lowland" (Netherlands) as the destination of the emigrants used to be called, lasted into the eighteenth century and was much more numerous than the emigration to America that ran parallel to it.

It is believed that the Millers, (then spelled Mueller), came from a village about 10 miles north of Bern Switzerland, called Zollikofen (large color map: 600 KB). It is believed that they became a part of the Reform Church.

The earliest ancestor that has been documented, is a Johann Michael Mueller, who is believed to have been born in 1655, in the City of Zollikofen, Canton of Bern, Switzerland. He died 31 January, 1695, at age 40 years, in Steinwenden, Germany.

It is likely that in the late 1680's the Miller family along with perhaps other friends and relatives moved north along the Rhine River and settled in the Rhineland-Pfaltz area of southern Germany. They became part of the Steinwenden and Konken Germany Reformed parish churches and records of their respective families are recorded in the church records. The Steinwenden records began in 1684.

The Steinwenden and Konken records indicate the following related families:

The Konken Church-The Berchtoll Family

Hans Berchtoll died 15 June, 1711. Married Anna Christina ? They lived in Krottelbach, Germany. Six children.

The Konken Church-The Stutzman Family

Hans Jacob Stutzman, born 1625, Canton of Bern, Erlenbach, Switzerland, died 1696, Germany. Five children.

  1. Hans Jacob Stutzman, born about 1660. Married Anna Loysa Regina Mueller, the widow of
    Johann Michael Mueller
  2. Hans Phillipp Stutzman, born about 1676. Married Maria Margareta Dueck.
  3. Anna Barbara Stutzman, born about 1680. Married Peter Jacob.
  4. Anna Elizabeth Stutzman
  5. Margareta Ursula Stutzamn
The Konken Church-The Berchtoll Family

Hans Berchtoll died 15 June, 1711. Married Anna Christina (?). They lived in Krottelbach, Germany. Six children.

  1. Hans Jacob Berchtoll, born 1685, died 1739. Married Anna Marie Glosselloss.
  2. Susanna Agnes Berchtoll, born 3 May, 1688. Married Michael Mueller,Jr., born 1692, died 1783.
  3. Hans Peter Berchtoll, born 1 May, 1690. Twin. Married Maria Elizabeth Zimmer.
  4. Hans Heinrich Berchtoll, born 1 May, 1690. Twin.
  5. Barbel (Barbara) Berchtoll, born about 1693.
  6. Ursula Berchtoll, born 1696.

Again, to add to the confusion, we see the spelling of surnames change as they are listed in various places. This seems to be a more common occurrence, rather than am exception.

A1 Johann Michael Mueller Sr., born 1655, City of Zollikofen (about 10 miles north of Bern), Canton of Bern, Switzerland. Died 31 January, 1695, Steinwenden, Germany. Moved to Germany about 1685. He was a member of the Steinwenden German Reformed church. Married (first wife), Irene Charitas. Married (second wife), Anna Loysa Regina. Six children. B1 Johann Nicholas Mueller, B2 Johann Abraham Mueller, B3 Samuel Mueller, B4 Catherine Barbara Mueller, B5 Eva Catherine Mueller and B6 Johann Michael Mueller, Jr. His widow, Anna Loysa Regina Mueller, married 29 September, 1695, to Hans Jacob Stutzman, born 1660, Germany, (his second wife). Son of Hans Jacob Stutzman, born 1625. One known child. Jacob Stutzman II. Born 1706 Germany, died 1773, in American Colonies.

A1 Johann Michael Mueller Sr, after Irene Chartias died, married (2) Anna Loysa Regina. After his death in 1695, she married 29 November 1696 to Hans Jacob Stutzman Jr., born 1660.

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