Della Opal Besecker (1893-1967)

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Samuel Eikenberry and Della Opal Besecker
Samuel Eikenberry & Della Opal Besecker
Della Eikenberry and  Ada  ____ , 1911
Della Opal Eikenberry & Ada Eikenberry (sister to Samuel Eikenberry)
Photographs courtesy of Robin (Hoschouer) Zeller
I1 Della Opal Besecker, born Aug 25, 1893, died February 14, 1967; married December 14, 1912, Samuel J. Eikenberry, born October 12, 1885, died January 8, 1978. Samuel was the son of Joseph Eikenberry and Margaret Fourman.

Children of Della Opal Besecker and Samuel J. Eikenberry:

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