John B. Miller (1799-1853)

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Adams Township, Darke County - 1875
Entire 1875 Map of Adams Township
Old Harris Creek Cemetery
Near Bradford, Ohio

E8 John B. Miller, born 13 November, 1799, Clermont County, Ohio. Died 14 December, 1853, Adams Township, Darke County, Ohio; married February 19, 1824 in Hamilton County Ohio, Mary Ann Bowman, born 15 March, 1806, Ohio, died 8 July, 1895 in Adams Township, Darke County, Ohio.

They lived early in their married life in Sycamore Township, Hamilton County, Ohio, northeast of Cincinnati. On 8 May 1833, John Miller of Hamilton County, purchased from David and Magdalena (Maugans) Miller, the southwest ¼ of section 4, 151.44 acres of land in Adams Township, Darke County, Ohio. Deed Book D-1, p 592. In the Adams Township map of 1875 (see image on right) this land was the property of their son, F1 Henry B. Miller.

They were members of the Upper Stillwater German Baptist Brethren Church, later renamed Harris Creek Church of the Brethren. The meeting house was built in 1868 on the east side of State Route 721 in Newberry Township, Miami County, Ohio. They are buried on the west side of the state route in Old Harris Creek Cemetery, in Adams Township which was supplemented in 1886 by the new Harris Creek Cemetery, located a short distance south of the church, and is actually located in Newberry Township, Miami County.

Between 1854 and 1871, the heirs signed their individual share of the parental property over to their eldest brother Henry who in turn sold the farm to Jonas C. and Catherine (Christian) Katherman in two transactions in 1897 and 1899.

Children of John B. Miller and Mary Ann Bowman:

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