George Milton Norris (1866-1926)

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Angie Mae Keeler (1871-1961)
George Milton Norris (1866-1926) Angie Mae Keeler (1871-1961)
F2 George Milton Norris, born December 12, 1866, died August 18, 1926 at Richmond, Virginia; married February 15, 1893 Angie Mae Keeler, born September 3, 1871 at Beloit, Kansas, died February 18, 1961 at Lynchburg, Virginia. Angie's parents were Minot J. Keeler (March 31, 1842-December 31, 1876) and Maria Edna Drew (August 10, 1846-November 21, 1905).

My great grandfather George Norris was a multi-talented man - he was a cartoonist and did many political type cartoons during the WWI era. In one letter to Paul, George described how he had drawn a cartoon about the Huns, printed them out as postcards, and placed them with other postcards at a local store (without the owner's permission or knowledge). He laughingly stated they sold like hotcakes - the owner mentioned to him when George went back to the store that he had never sold postcards so fast - but the owner would not share the profit after George told him what he had done! I think we have one of the postcards that he saved.

- Barbara Millner, 2001     

Children of George Milton Norris and Angie Mae Keeler:

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