Catherine Ann Junkin (1811-1907)

ANCESTRAL LINE: A1 Joseph Junkin I | B1 William Junkin | C1 James Junkin

D7 Catherine Ann Junkin, born 15 Sept 1811, died 29 Aug 1907, Kansas City, Mo.; buried Kirkwood, Ill. cemetery. Always known as "Katie" she met Anthony Galloway (d 1856) in Ohio where they were married in 1833, later joining the rest of Katie's family in Warren County, Ill.

Katie and Anthony Galloway carried out the Galloway tradition of producing boys, for they had eight sons and one daughter, who died at the age of seven years. After Anthony's death, Katie and her sons continued on the farm northwest of Kirkwood. Cooking vast quantities of food for her hearty sons, all of whom were big men, and sewing for them (ready made clothes were an expensive luxury) took much of her time, yet she was ever ready to help others in time of need and had quite a reputation as a nurse.

Nine children:

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