George B. Junkin (1843-1854)

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D6 George B. Junkin, born 1843, died June 7, 1854; killed when a gun accidentally discharged.

An Excerpt from "Recollections" 6
Mary D. Sinclair
May 15, 1939

A son George was accidentally shot when only 14 years old. He climbed up on a tall bookcase and found an old shotgun which was hidden there. In true boyish fashion he started to climb down with the treasure when it fell to the floor. It unhappily was loaded, and on picking it up it discharged, killing hin almost instantly. It was a terrible shock to the family, and it was years before his name could be mentioned without tears. He was a boy of fine character and his early death was a sad blow.

The American Union
Steubenville, Ohio
Wednesday, June 7, 1854 Pg. 3

SAD ACCIDENT.--We regret that a son of M. O. Junkin, Esq., about 14 or 15 years of age, accidentally shot himself this afternoon, during the temporary absence of his parents from the house. The boy complained of being unwell at noon, and was allowed to remain at home from school. By some means he got hold of a loaded pistol which Mr. Junkin kept in the house, and being unacquainted with the use of fire arms the pistol was accidentally discharged, the ball stricking in the region of the stomach. Doctors Johnson and Stanton were speedily summoned, and after probing the wound succeeded in extracting a piece of the vest button which the ball had struck, but could not find the ball itself, which it is hoped may have glanced off after stricking the button and not entered the body. Here is another warning to boys to beware of tampering with fire-arms.

We are pained to say that the accident which occured to Mr. Junkin's son yesterday, by the discharge of a pistol, terminated fatally. The little fellow breathed his last this morning at 7 o'clock. This is a terrible affliction to his bereaved parents. He was an only son, and a bright and intelligent lad for one of his age.

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